IP assets is a highly specialized professional firm which operates with global approach on international basis. It has developed a sophisticated methodology by creating an interactive framework of different   professionals tested by   a wide range of problems refined over many years which emphasizes practical approaches to highly complicated diversification and market expansion problems offering a complete range of exclusive total consulting services in the mater of intellectual property.

The following services are rendered through our highly quality team of   technical engineers, lawyers and skilled languages specialists:

  • Patent, Trademark, Utility Model, Design, ©, applications and registrations worldwide;
  • EP and PCT proceedings;
  • CTM and Madrid Protocol registrations;
  • CD registrations;
  • Domain name protection and web site building;
  • IP portfolio management, including watching, infringement and counterfeiting, maintenance, intelligence, competition, innovation management, industrial promotion, product development, business analysis, licensing, assignments, know how & technology transfer, co-operation and cross fertilization;   
  • IP field litigation administrative and judicial proceedings, technical and legal advice, negotiation and representation in all areas of conflict resolution related to ip matters including emergency remedies;
  • Searches and Intelligence Consulting in the matter of:

    • Scope of protection , freedom to operate, possible zones of infringement;
    • IP portfolio, IP assets of a selected company   or companies   by technology or technologies;
    • IP portfolio extended evaluation of a selected company, strength and attractiveness, portfolio quality including trademarks and other ip rights;
    • IP assets evaluation, estimated value;
    • Licensing: licensing evaluation, identifying licensing partners, licensing cooperation;
    • Novelty evaluation, patentability of an invention;
    • Subject, Substance, Technology survey;
    • Watch searches;
    • Name, Family, Patent Class searches;
    • Domain name searches;
    • R&D Focus and R&D Trends Investigations.


What can we offer you as Today's Moving Global Marketplace Business Solutions :
  • Relevant Technology Watch: a complete up dated information data, patent and non patent literature, concerning the nearest technology related to your products or production methods, a fully automated monitoring tool providing e-mail alerts in real time whenever changes or important events occur in your activity field, efficient searching of bibliographical and procedural data,   quick access to related databases and services, most recent event viewable immediately and structured contents overview.

  • Specified Competitors Surveillance: unlimited number of cases at your choice of your competitors for comparing and tracking changes, using your/our own tailor-made lists of patent application or publication numbers, you can compare online the data and identify changes immediately.


  • efficient searching of bibliographical and procedural data
  • quick access to related databases and services
  • most recent event viewable immediately
  • structured contents overview
  • quicker document handling
  • easier file retrieval
  • better overview
  • reduction in administrative work


intellectual   property assets strategic management, inc.®.
ip assets competitive intelligence©
we add value to the corporate assets©,
we advise how to build value from the   intangible assets©,   
how use   ip to increase shareholder value©, 
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La Societa'   IP   Assets Strategic Management â & Corporate Intelligence Analysis â e' una societa' di servizi di consulenza in Proprieta' Industriale, in particolare di consulenza per la protezione della proprieta' intellettuale (IPR) o "intangible assets" in senso lato, che va molto al di la' dell'Ufficio Brevetti di tipo tradizionale.

Essa fornisce alle aziende servizi integrati per la gestione della proprietà industriale destinati a ricoprire un ruolo di collegamento tra la consulenza brevettuale, l'assistenza legale e la gestione strategica di impresa:

affronta i temi della gestione e dello sfruttamento dell'innovazione, della tutela della proprietà industriale (marchi, brevetti, design e know-how) e della loro valutazione economica, nel quadro della regolamentazione nazionale, comunitaria ed internazionale, fornendo le conoscenze specialistiche ed i mezzi per operare nel settore della proprietà industriale alle imprese, aiutandole ad innovare per   mantenersi, competere, crescere.


Consulenza in Proprieta' Industriale: Registrazione Brevetti, Marchi worldwide, Protezione Modelli, Disegni, Copyrigths, Domain names, Websites; Gestione Portafoglio Aziendale Intangibili Assets: Valutazione di Brevetti (Analisi del valore attraverso studi e mezzi di simulazione state of the art), Protezione, Mantenimento e Sorveglianza, Liability (certificazioni), Concorrenza sleale, Contraffazione, Litigation, Cessioni, Trasferimenti e Licenze, EU Law, Tassazione; Ricerche: Novita', Brevettuali, Tecnologiche, Legali, Partners, Prodotti; Intelligence; Consulenza Industriale ed Aziendale.

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IP asstes strategic management & Corporate intelligence analysis©

les ofrece servicios especializados de asesoria e intelligence en los siguientes campos de aplicación:

  • La transferencia de tecnología y licencia de patentes.
  • La cesión de franquicias y la distribución de productos y servicios.
  • La cesión de derechos de propiedad intelectual, software y copyright.
  • La protección de su cartera de signos distintivos.
  • La identificación, evaluación, protección y explotación de todos los derechos de propiedad industrial

An intellectual and industrial property rights assets evaluation and protection,
corporate technology and intangible assets business intelligence corporation.

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a   corporate   technology   and   intangible   assets   business   intelligence   corporation©
An intellectual and industrial property rights assets evaluation©
and protection, corporate technology analysis and intangible©
assets business competitive intelligence© corporation©.
we   add   value   to the   corporate   assets©,
how to build value from intangible assets©.